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The Client:

everydrop is a refrigerator water filter brand that is differentiating itself as a colorful, personality-filled brand in an otherwise dry market.

The Team:

This was a project worked on by myself and copywriter Liam Kipp in a Columbia College Chicago concepting class.

The problem:

Water filters aren't top of mind because if they're doing their job, they shouldn't be. People are more likely to think around our product than about it. We need everydrop to be thought of.

The insight:

People love to complain. However, they never have anything to say when their problems are actually solved. Even when their lives are being enriched, they may still make silly complaints or stubbornly wish things hadn't changed.

The solution:

By illustrating all the benefits of an everydrop water filter, but through the lens of people who comedically lament the change everydrop has made in their life, we can remind people about their water filtration and how it's changes things for the better.

The deliverables:


(Billboard placement intended for outside of waterpark)



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