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Columbia Votes

The Client:

Columbia Votes is a module developed to assist students at Columbia College Chicago with the voting process. The module was first developed for Columbia, but is now expanding to other schools to help students understand how to vote, when to vote, and why it’s important.

The Team:

This was a project worked on by Columbia College Chicago's Advertising Club. I worked with Liam Pietraszewski, Derian Silva, and Jocelyn Chubb.

The problem:

People, especially Gen Z college students, feel bored by the constant drone of voting reminders around election season. College students feel unengaged by messaging around voting, feeling that older audiences are targeting more often and that the messaging cannot relate to them. They don't really trust elected officials, they are unsure of their political views a majority of the time, but they do think that one vote can make a difference. What can we do about this?


Source: Mintel


The insight:

Profanity gets people’s attention, especially in environments where it is unexpected (like voting reminders)!

The deliverables:

ad club voting 1.jpg
vulgar voting comp 2.jpg
ad club voting 3.jpg
vulger voting comp 1.jpg
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